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Nasal infection resisant to antibiotics

Our Rottweiler cross has had a similar problem for the last 2 months. We are now on our 3rd round of antibiotics for 2 secondary bacterial infections (staph and strepp). But the primary cause of the purulent mucous discharge remains unknown.On a daily basis it crusts over his nostril and has to be removed. The color is a brownish green. We have had him x-rayed, nothing apparent, and currently are waiting on a fungal culture. He's getting worse. He's approx 2.5 years old, an adoption from the local shelter.He only leaves his bed if bid or if nature calls. He lies down with his bowl between his paws to eat dinner and takes about 1/2 hr and doesn't finish it all. He is miserable and we are holding out for any hope.
Thank you in advance for any response.
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