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well it is all pretty sad, and as an environmental scientist and animal lover it is very hard to deal with, i find i get very angry and then depressed over all of this and more. but then i go out to the bush and just look, it is still very beautiful and part of me. we have many enviro problems here just like anywhere else. it is just due to the delicate nature of many of our ecosystems that sadly cannot cope with the influx of feral animals, feral plants and feral humans. tell me about it, it breaks my heart daily.

oh and australia was originally a beautiful place inhabitied by our aboriginal people. 200 years ago it was invaded by white people and it turned into one big penal colony for the over flow of british and irish ratbags, ahhh, i actually decended from convicts so i have ratbag and murky genetics

oh and we still have a nasty habit of locking up immagrants in detention centers (so bad spelling) that dont have the right 'status'. but im sure we dont lock up the sweeds or anyone with any money, only boat people ect. (extreme sarcasim used in the last sentence)

and steve irwin had better agree to the killing of feral animals, if he didnt his conservation work would be in vain. our greatest conservationist ever is a man called Dr Ian Wamsley (he just doesnt have a telly show). he supports all of these techniques and has even constructed feral proof fences around his conservation areas, he also uses the skins of feral animals to show respect for their bodies, he has some pretty fancy caps made from feral cats, he is often refered to as the cat hat man, it may not be nice to some but he is using the animal skin for a good purpose, why waste it, i find that so disrespectful. but he is my hero, he has brought so many species back from the brink of extinction, yay for him

but before i go and kill myself over the sadness of it all, myself and many other people i know have devoted their life to the environment and the conservation of it and this fills me with great joy, we may just get somewhere after all and if not, at least we went down trying. australia is such a harsh continent i just love it and it is ever fascinating. just remember- THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY and you can really make a difference. ps- if you are wondering why my messages are so long, well it takes alot of explaining and i am trying to procrastinate instead of doing wedding duties for the up coming nuptules at the end of week, so just bear with me and maybe i might just go away and do some work
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