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Car Trauma

Ok, here's the newest dilemma in our house!! Brick is absolutely freaked out about car rides. He was fine when we took him home from the vet when we first got him, fine in Tim's truck, fine for a few other short rides in the car, but today.....OMG, he flipped a gasket! I was taking him in the car to go for a walk around the lake, and he absolutely REFUSED to get in. I offered treats and stuff to encourage him in, he jumped up on me, tried to nip at me, until I finally coaxed him in with his ball!! Ayeyai yai!!!! LMAO...I probably was quite the site to my neighbours!! heheheh

When he is in the vehicle he stands up in the back seat and looks out the window, doesn't like sticking his head out like most dogs do, and is generally uneasy the whole trip. At one point he saw "something" outside and went berserk! Jumped in the front seat and back and back to the front again..which is totally unsafe. I guess I just answered one of my own questions....doggy seatbelts might be my answer eh??

Any other tricks or things we should try, besides short rides that are fun and exciting (not to the vet)?? Any opinions on doggy seatbelts? Or a divider maybe??
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