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Hi everyone :-) I am new here and this is my very first post!!!

I must say that I am VERY impressed with everyone's knowledge on many subjects!!! This seems like a nice little community :-)

About dry skin, a change of food would sure make a world of difference. My girls (Loulou, 41/2 and Dixie, 9 months - Golden retrievers) are fed raw foods and since they barely have a "doggy smell" and don't have waxy ears, I rarely bath them at all (last time was months ago). I give them good brushings every other day or so though and I'm able to keep them pretty clean (and no flacky or itchy skin like Loulou used to have with kibbles or canned food).

If it can help, I read somewhere that dog skin Ph is more acid than shampoo and it might be usefull, after shampooing, to rince well and then mix some cider vinegar (I don't recall the quantities, though) in water and work through the hair, to restore the ph. I don't know what dogs smell after such a treatment but I guess that it must not hurt to try (and it is inexpensive as well)!

Hoping you'll find what works for your baby!
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