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Meb999 that is too funny!

The vase I have him in holds about a gallon and a half of water. I bought water treatment and used it when I changed the water. I do plan to change it once a week.
He only has the bamboo plant in there because the water lilies at the pet shop literally STANK and were sort of slimy, so I didn't think they were healthy enough to put in with him. At any rate he's got plenty of room for the "air breathing" that they do.
Puppup, do you think I should get a water heater to put in with him? I can almost guarantee that his water will not be 80 degrees. I also did not know about the aquarium salt! I will get some today when I pick up the bloodworms.
I am actually thinking about getting another beta (really am warming up to this lil fella). If they need to get "excited" now and then, maybe I should put their vases next to each other once in a while? What do you all think?
Grover, thank you for the link- I will check it out as soon as I'm done with this reply.

Also- no bubbles yet . But I wonder how they mate if they can't ever be with another beta?????

Again, I really appreciate everyone's guidance and advice.
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