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I've kept betta's for years, and the single most important thing is doing regular water changes (for any fish, for that matter). If you allow the water to get dirty the fish will definitely get sick and likely die. I recommend using no less than a 1 gallon bowl, with this size you need to perform a total water change once per week. If you have a 1/2 gallon, you need to do it twice a week, and so on. When you change the water, cup him out into a smaller container, rinse out the bowl completely (no soap or cleaners) and refill it with water the same temperature or very slightly warmer (never colder, this could put the fish into shock). Treat the water with a dechlorinator (assuming you don't have untreated well water) and add one tsp of aquarium salt per gallon, mix it well (this prevents lots of diseases and makes for a healthier fish). Pour the fish out through a net and then dip him back into his bowl, getting none of the old water into the bowl. If you do this regularly, feed correctly (I fed regular flakes for a while and mine started losing their fins...I don't recommend it), and keep him in warmer temperatures if possible (80 degrees would be perfect, or as close as you can get it), you should never have a sick fish! I'm so happy you cared enough to ask for help!
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