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I love Bettas, they seem to be pretty "interactive" for fish!
I think everything that needs t be said has already been said...if you keep his tank clean and feed him those bloodworms he will be happy and live for a long time. I think i read that they can live up to 7 years !

It's also good for him to get excited every once in a while by using a mirror or a picture of a fish to make him think he needs to "fight", it gets their hormones and bodies all pumped up kind of like exercise. But, too much will stress them out because they don't know when to stop!

Another neat thing is that if you see bubbles on the top of the tank, your fish is building a nest!

When they are ready to spawn, the pair will display intense coloration and begin circling each other under the bubblenest. The male will wrap himself around the female who has turned on her back. As she expels the eggs, they are fertilized and begin to sink. The male will scoop up the eggs and spit them into the nest. From this point on the male will tend the brood. It is advisable to remove the female, as the male may become aggressive towards her as he tends his young.
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