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I don't know a whole lot about bettas but I know a little. They tend to be slow moving and for lack of a better word lazy. I have one in my 40 gal tank. You should feed him food for bettas, it has the neutrients he needs. but i'v never seen betta food in pellet form, only flake form. The stuff I used is I think called bettamin and is a red flake with yellow peices of something. also watch out for excessive scratching. I recently had an outbrake of ick in my tank, luckly it's all cleared up now since the medication. Signs of sickness are excessive scratching, white or black spots appearing where they weren't previously, constipation, and lack of appitite. Bettas are (i know this isn't spelled right) lybrinth fish, this means they can breath from their gills or a special organ on their head by comming to the surface. I know someone on here used to breed bettas, so they porbably know a whole lot more. I think it was GSDimond, sorry if the name is off. I know she has a GSD named dimond. (sorry if i butchered, or forgot the name, or have the wrong person)
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