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Anyone know about caring for beta fish?

My son won a beta fish at the prom.

Huge surprise that now I have the beta fish and am caring for it.

I immediately went out and bought a BIG vase for him (call it a fishbowl and the price goes up, looked in the vases and got the same size for a third of the price).

He seems to sleep on his side (not kidding) on the bottom of the tank. Been doing this for the week that we've had him. When he's "awake", he swims around, rubs himself all over the roots of the bamboo plant that's in there, and seems normal and fine. But this sleeping-on-the-side thing....worries me. Is this a bad sign?

Also, I bought the beta food for him, and was surprised that they are tiny pellots. They float for a while, then sink to the bottom. He does NOT seem interested in them at all. The first night we got him we borrowed some goldfish flakes, and he ate those (when you "win" a fish, they don't come with food- and good luck finding fish food at midnight).
Would it be ok to just feed him the goldfish flakes? The ingredients are a bit different, and I know that betas are carnivores. The flakes have "fish meal" in them. Is that enough for this beta?
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