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Sorry, just saw wAggies post...I can't say with your doggies...We saw our vet maybe 6-8 times within his first and second year...We monitored quantities mostly with protiens and purines and like I said, Pele is a 50.lbs dog, a dal which is similar to pointers and def under 2 lbs is enough for Pele...We discussed the other portions and "experimented" slightly and agreed that because veggies hold alot of's pretty obvious how much is too much. We feed abaout a cup and a bit with a half cup of yogurt (good bacteria)...Low carbs...Pele loves baked sweet potatoes, we give 2-3 meals a week. We discussed carbs and yes, in moderation, but mostly not necessary. Canines were;t bred to cook and feed themselves rice, potatoes, etc and corn is very high in sugars, so long as there is a proper protein intake the carbs are like treat...MMMM french fries...
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