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Hi Amaruq...Is it you with the liver Dal? If so, us too! We feed Pele a barf diet since he was about 6 months old and he turned 3 on the 24 of Feb. We occasionally sprinkle kelp powder over his food. His meals consist of veggies that have been put into a food processor. Nothing lettuce like though or peppers. Carrots, celery, broc (beware! Fart inducing), parsley, cukes etc...About 1 to 1.5 lbs per day of protien. If you do have a Dal make sure you've looked into the purine levels of meats that you will feed. High level of purine in a diet for Dals will bring on the kidney problems that they are known for (if your Dal comes from lines that have shown this) Chicken is good and mackerel, and raw eggs, no shells for pretty much the same reasons you have to wash your veggies, but egg shells are worse. Yogurt, olive oil, and flax seed oil or any omega 3 fatty acid polyunsaturated oil.
Pele is very healthy, weight aprox 50 lbs, has smooth silky fur, and beautiful teeth! We are firm believers that the Barf diet is the ultimate! If you do have a Dal and want a barf diet for dals let me know because my girlfriend (Pele's mom) belongs to a chat group re: this so I'll post it if you want!
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