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Tremors in Lab Retriever - Urgent

Urgently trying to contact anyone who has a Labrador Retriever dog who has experienced leg tremors in hind legs to find out diagnoses they received and what, if any, treatment helped. I have a large yellow lab 9 years old that started with leg tremors 2 years ago. Has been under the care of 2 veternarians for whole period and neither has been able to come up with a diagnosis of the cause or treatment. One year ago he was put on anti-inflamatory arthritis medication which seemed to help in the beginning. Medication switched in December 2003 due to slight elevation in liver enzymes. Blood test done a couple of days ago and liver enzyme count has soared, now dog taken off medication but doctor has no idea of what is causing problems. Dog is progressively losing control of hind legs. Legs suddenly give out when he is walking and he just sits down unexpectedly. Does not appear to be in any pain. Difficulty in rising from sitting or laying position increases by the day. I love my dog and want to help him, but doctors don't seem to have a clue what is going on or how to help him. Everything trial and error. Any help or hints on possible cause of illness or cure that I can relay to the veternarian would be most appreciated.
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