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Arrow Lumps are movable, under skin on scalp

My MIN PIN has developed about 6-8 lumps on her head. They are semi-firm and move underneath the skin and are not attatched to the skull but adheared to the skin itself underneath.

She was recently given a dose of Revolution (about 1 1/2 weeks ago) and the lumps appeared a few days ago (about 1 week after the Revolution).

They are not irritating to her (she doesn't scratch), she eats well, plays and seems to be fine. The lump to first appear is the largest...others showed up after this one. They are skin toned and not irritated unless we 'pick' at them to find out where and how many there are.

They have been there about 4 days now from the first one appearing to finding more over the last 3 days.....
How long should I wait to see if this resolves itself?

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