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I used to live in Ottawa, but now Toronto. Unfortunately I do not know of any kennels in the area. But I also had to board a dog for the first time in 30 years of marriage. I found Bed and Breakfast type of accommodation through my vet and my dog's groomer (I know have a long haired dog - can't believe it - who actually likes to "help" clean the Mountain Bernese Dog who gets groomed at same place). If you do send your dog out to be groomed and he is a couch potato type of dog (i.e. sleeps in the bed, watches TV on the couch etc.) he might be happier in such an environment. My dog really likes the lady who takes care of him and she has also worked at my vet's and as a part time groomer so is well experienced with animals - and he loves her. I did look at the suggested kennel website and it does indeed look like a safe and nice facility. It would all really depend on your dog and his needs. Bread and Breakfast facilities do cost more though. Usually $40 - $45 a night which includes long walks. Just a thought.
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