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do NOT get any gumabones if your dog's a chewer.

a few years back, I got Chocolate the

and he bit that thing to shreds, it was ridiculous!!!

the galileo bone, he enjoyed as a puppy but now he won't even go up and sniff it.

stick to the kongs and bone marrow, u can't go wrong

rope bones as well! and alternate,... yes, I do get the stuffed dollar store plush toys for them but, again, it's torn to shreds. I feel I should just give them an old towel to tear up instead.... they both look the same after about 5 min.

(I feel pigs' ears r too expensive for something that disappears in 10 seconds flat, they're also way too salty... get the 2-5lbs bag full of dry dog bone treats and fill up a Kong instead... don't forget to add a bit of PB!)

sardines from the can are also a JOY (& my are they stinky!) .77 cents from a grocery store? hey, it helps with their coats!
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