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I've missed a few posts but it looks like you are on the right track.

I'm so happy that Brick has you in his life now!! Do not feel inadequate, experience with 'each' dog comes in time. They are all different you know!

It will take several weeks for him to build trust with you and you with he.

Give him love but also obedience training and direction. Show him that you are the 'leader' so he doesn't become 'alpha' on you. They look to us for guidance and when we don't give it, they take the lead as they feel it is their duty to be leader of the pack if we aren't.

I think you're doing a marvelous job!!!

We're all here for you, anytime you have questions or want to post an accomplishment. Thats what this board is all about.

He's a fine looking doggie who's willing to work with you obviously, they know who loves them!!

Time and effort is key!

You'll do fine.

What about the cream did it work?

One thing to be careful of with regards to dogs and windows. Ofcourse some breeds are more prone to do this then others but just be careful. Some dogs will jump through windows to get to their owners outside.

I've know of border collies doing this as well as pointers and weinmaraners. Doesn't mean others don't, just depends on how badly they want to get out to you!

Keep us all posted
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