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I guess a rule of thumb, if your dog can shred & eat an indigestible toy, don't use those! I know thousands of dogs do fine with rawhides....mine wouldn't, because they eat them. Cooper had a scary choking incident with the knot off a rawhide when he was a puppy b/c he bit it off.

Dear little Daphne the Destructo-Rott will reduce a large black Kong in about 30 minutes, so I really have to stick with real raw bones...well I do get the cow hooves occasionally. I'm sure they're not that good for the dogs, but I only get them once or twice a year. They'll eat nylabones too, then throw up the pieces.

I've bought some of the "indestructible" things like Galileo bones, but nobody's interested.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have smaller dogs with soft mouths instead of these three destructive brutes!
Cooper The WonderDog
Daphne The Destructo-Rott
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