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Rawhide...I'm not sure if that would be too bad except:

Always supervise the dog when he's playing with it. Be RIGHT there.

Let the rawhide harden overnight after it getts mushy.

Inspect rawhide daily, and remove any pieces that might come off.

Get large bones that he can't destruct easily.

And last of all, if you can't do all these things, don't get him rawhide, because rawhide is dangorous.

Nylabones, Kongs, Cornstarch chews, Fresh or smoked bones and Jolly balls are all good toys. My dog loves his bones, and Cornstarch chews. The Nylabones are wonderful to. Some pet stores have lovely rubber knots that dogs love to chew, and other rubber toys. You'll find tones of things for your dog to chew.

Your dog has such a sweet face!
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