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I recently adopted a 2 y/o Sheperd/Husky X. I was told by her foster mother from the SPCA that she was fine in the car which is important since I bring her to work with me every day. Unfortunately, after I'd had her a couple of days I discovered that she appears to get carsick. She was suffering from a bit of a stomach infection, which my vet treated with anti-biotics. The carsickness seems to have eased somewhat since we finished the medication. She seems to be able to hold off throwing up for the half hour trip to work but she drools a lot and is obviously uncomfortable. Anything longer than half an hour and she does throw up. Is there anything I can do to sooth her? I keep her window rolled down all the way and try to blast cold air but it doesn't seem to help that much.

I have gotten some suggestions such as giving her Gravol. Is this safe on a daily basis? And does it actually help in the long term? What's the dosage? Other people have said that she'll get used to it in time. How much time?
I worry that I am being cruel to her by making her take car trips every day that obviously make her sick. I don't want to give her up but if this is going to go on for the rest of her life, it would probably be best as I can't leave her at home in my appartment for the long hours that I work (9-10 hrs a day) both because I live in an appartment and because she suffers from seperation anxiety and barks when left alone for a couple of hours, let alone 10!.

Any help/suggestions would be tremendous

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