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Deer meat is good but check with your local fish & game people about the possible presence of chronic wasting disease in deer.

Yes I wrote a book, it's available all over the place.
Here's my site, you can order it from here:
Or, or Borders, etc etc.
If you go to the "links" page on my site, the "New Jersey Boxer Top 50 questions" is an excellent FAQ. Also the Bowchow link has a ton of info.

Supplements are not absolutely necessary, and no two experts agree on how much, how often, what type, etc. Many people overdo it, IMHO.

I've changed a number of dogs with zero problems. The best way is "cold turkey." Keep it very simple at first - like chicken backs & some boneless meat (you don't want TOO much bone in the diet.)
I don't like turkey bones, pretty much everything else I feed. Some people add probiotics & digestive enzymes (from any health food store) for the first few weeks to help with digestion & such, but I've never done this.
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