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Thank you LR! It is frustrating not knowing what happened to him but I'm really happy with him so far, he is such a good boy - he listens so well and is really gentle with the cats! Whoever had him, had him very well trained - it breaks my heart thinking that they left him crated for hours and hours on end (if thats the case)

I do agree with you, that one day was not enough, I should have taken the rest of the week off! We left for 15 min. today with him gated in the kitchen, he barked and whined when we left again, but didn't get into anything!! He spent the time getting the treats out of his Kong!! We are going to go again for another 15 min. in awhile. He hasn't shown ANY tendencies at all to chew anything other than his toys, which is reassuring! Tim wants to try to leave him in the livingroom and kitchen to see what he does...I'm not so sure!

Anyways, thank you again!! We are on our way to pick up some Veritan cream (thanks for the help with that one Luba!) Will keep you posted!!
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