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Aww - Brick is very very cute!!

We left him for short intervals throughout the day, working up the time when he was less anxious. We put all the toys, treats, blankets, water, etc. in with him in the back porch (which is the size of a very large bathroom - 10 feet x 4 feet).
Yes, that is how to do it, but not in one day - that is my point. As Luba pointed out, his background is unknown and he may have spent 23 hrs a day in a crate and just cannot tolerate it. There's no way of knowing.

Please don't feel inadequate!! Bringing home a strange adult dog is very stressful for everyone concerned, and it takes time to get to know each other. It also will take time for Brick to learn that he is HOME and will not be abandoned again, and that you will always come back.

Get some really nice meaty bones - knuckle or marrow - and give him one when you leave. That will keep him busy for quite awhile and my dog always conks out after spending an hour stripping and chewing hers. This also worked with a foster dog I had, who had many issues. She would keep me up all night, until I started putting her in the basement with a bone at night. After a few days, she would run to her rug in the basement at bedtime, eagerly waiting for her bone.

Obedience school is a great idea, not only for training, but for bonding with Brick and teaching him to trust you!

Let us know how it goes leaving him loose in the kitchen. Try that before getting another crate.I hope it works out, and I think Brick is a very lucky boy!
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