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Thanks for the advice girls. I do want to clarify a few things first. When we were at the shelter we asked them what to do with him when we left, and they told us to do exactly what we did. We left him for short intervals throughout the day, working up the time when he was less anxious. We put all the toys, treats, blankets, water, etc. in with him in the back porch (which is the size of a very large bathroom - 10 feet x 4 feet).

The crate we bought was a XL plastic one, only because the store did not have a big enough one in the open wire. It is big enough for him to stand, turn around and stretch out. We have been phoning around the city trying to find the biggest one. We will take this one back if we find one. The biggest so far we've found is48 in. long, 30 in. wide and 33 in. high....we are going to look at it today with Brick to see if he fits in it ok!

He was only left alone for 3 hours at the most, as my fiancee has time during the day to come and let him out and play with him. I am a teacher, and am home by 3:30 which is only another 3 hours from when Tim was home with Brick. As for holidays, I can take a day or two, but I'd have to pretend I was sick (cough cough)

I KNOW he's been through a lot and that was a big concern for us. The ladies at the pound were helpful, and we did everything they said. I guess we should have given him another day or two.

We did sooooo much research and talking to people and now I feel inadequate. He is getting 110% of our attention when we are home, so he is definately not lacking in the love and affection area. We are going to try leaving him gated in the kitchen today for short periods of time, to see if that will help.
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