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Originally Posted by mona_b
MotosMom,not sure if you know this,but Beneful is not a very good food to feed.When looking for a premium food,the first 5 ingredients should not be corn.Also,you need to stay away from the foods that contain citric acid,brewers yeast,alfalfa and soybean.
Why not citric acid, brewers yeast or Alfalfa?? (I know soy is bad)

Citric acid is how they get vitamin C, Brewers Yeast is REALLY good for humans as well as dogs, and the anti-oxidants of alfalfa is really good too. I don't know why these are bad? are they bad only for dogs prone to bloat?

Wait...I just did a search and see the citric acid is bad for dogs prone to bloat, but I couldn't find references to the others. The only thing about Alfalfa that I could see is bad is that they have a lot of Isoflavones, same as soy, which can be bad in really large amounts.
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