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There is a great dane out there somewhere in montreal that we are trying to locate. He has been picked up by animal control and we are trying to locate him. His health is questionable as he is emaciated and terrified of people. He did come up to the people that found him and they handed him over to AC. D.I.D is prepared to take him in and were going to temp him in Ottawa but if he can get out to Toronto, it will be better for him. I'll keep updating on progress in finding him but keep a spot open as I know how much you love transporting Danes, hehehhee. He's supposedly smaller than Zeus that you brought to Belleville for me.

btw, your seat is very popular in the back of my van. I have transported two dogs recently and both of them decided that your seat was the best one in the house!
"For every animal that dies in a shelter, there is someone somewhere responsible for its death".
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