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Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
Right. Sorry Monab!!! I was thinking you meant it could twist again....duh....
That's ok LR.....

Prin,actually age does matter.As it is VERY rare for a younger dog to get it.My friends vet was very very surprised that Emily got it at 8 months old.

MotosMom,not sure if you know this,but Beneful is not a very good food to feed.When looking for a premium food,the first 5 ingredients should not be corn.Also,you need to stay away from the foods that contain citric acid,brewers yeast,alfalfa and soybean.

Having GSD's,my biggest fear has been bloat.But I have taken every precausion to prevent it.And knock on wood(knocks on head LOL)I haven't had a problem.This is something I have to praise my breeder with.She helped me out alot with it.

Can't wait to see pics.I just love Danes.Growing up my Aunt raised 5.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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