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Didn't know what was wrong at that time, but knew something wasn't right. We knew he had to have been in pain, but he didn't once cry or wince.

We had another great dane a couple of years ago. He lived to be 12 years old, which is amazing in itself. Never any signs of bloat at any time. He ate Pedigree all his life. We have been trying to compare and see what the differences were between the 2 dogs. BlackJack was a sleeper. He just always wanted to be in the sunbeam and always wanted to sleep. Moto, he just wants to play. He has outside toys and inside toys and he knows the difference. Jack liked going for drives, but didn't seem to matter to him one way or the other if he went. Now, Moto he loves to go for a ride and he wants to go all the time. If we are not going anywhere, he just goes to sit by the car cuz he wants to go for a ride.

But just shows you never can tell what dog will get it when. Just know what to look for. Time is critical also.

Just so glad to see Moto getting back to his usual self. He is such a joy.
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