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Hi everyone and thanks for the responses.

Before the bloat he ate Pedigree. We kept the food out as he was a nibbler. Never gulped his food.

After the surgery, vet fed him canned food with water. Told me to keep that up for a few days and slowly mix in his dry. Did that and he didn't like it. We put a little of his dry in his bowl and he ate it. So only got canned as meatballs with his medicine in it. Now medicine is finished.

Started eating grass and throwing up. Tried Gravy Train, he seemed to like it, but then ate grass and threw up again. Yesterday gave him some Beneful, very small amounts. No grass eating today and no throwing up. But now I am wondering if it was the medicine that was upsetting his belly. No medicine yesterday. HHmmm...maybe that could be it.

So gonna go with just giving him small amount of Beneful today and see what tomorrow brings.

Actually today seems even better, playing more today.

Thanks again
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