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I hate those collars.
Ask your vet for some Veritan cream instead, put a little on the surgical site they'll leave it alone it tastes awful!

Screw the collars they are awkward and uncomfortable as well as they give the dog increased anxiety.

This dog has been through a LOT right!

Shelter life, surgery and new home..uncertainty and fearfulness.

He needs to feel safe and secure this will take several weeks and a LOT of time with you and the family.

How many hours will he be left alone during the day?

The reason I ask is that if it's longer then 4/5 then you need to have him meet someone that he can trust to take him out atleast once while you are at work.

Who knows about his life before he came to you?
He may have been left locked up all alone and afraid for hours or days on end right!

Is there anyway you can take some more time off of work or arrange so that someone is home most of the time for atleast the next week? That would be the best thing to do at this time.

IF not then like I said invest in having a dog walker come to take him out and spend some time with him.

Remember, show him lots of love and praise him when he behaves good but do not punish him when he behaves bad, just correct him!

Give him things of his own, his own bed and toys. Leave a piece of your clothing that you've worn with him in the room in his bed, like a stinky tshirt that you don't want anymore.

Spend as much time as you can with him. Most shelter dogs are velcro'd to you when you first get them. Sometimes it takes several months before they're completely settled.

Keep us posted and please put up a picture of this beautiful baby.

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