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Yes,he is our fist deaf kitty....It is a challenge though.

I realized he was deaf about a week or so after we got him.He wasn't responding to any noises or even when we were calling him.He was on my daughters bed sleeping,I went in and clapped real hard by him.He didn't flinch.He had his back toward me in the kitchen.I banged some pots.Still nothing.

Then I did a search on the net.All of them said that White cats with blue eyes are prone prone to be deaf.

He has these amazing ice blue eyes.

If he can't see you or you are in another room,he will sit there and cry.And I mean loud...Then we have to see where he is to get his attention.

The only problem we are having with him is his attacking and biting....And I mean he gets a hold of you and bites...And it's the full attack...You can be sitting on the couch and he will look at you,head cocked and ears back....Then he goes for the kill....
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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