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Maybe nerve damage from dog shoe?

My dog Bear is 11 yrs old, 80 pound lab/shep mix. Back legs have been getting weak. I tried a set of dog shoes on hind legs so that his feet won't slip from under him on the hardwood floor. I thought I had gotten him used to the shoes but was wrong. After a day at work I came home and he'd chewed one shoe off and had the other pulled down tight past the ankle and pinching those 4 long skinny bones that go to his toes. He must have been working on the 20" velcro strap all day long. But because it wraps around so many times and the company recommends putting it on real tight, he couldn't get it off his foot. I did so immediately and noticed his foot was pretty swollen.

He limped on it then. It's been a couple weeks and he is still favoring the other leg. I've also noticed him licking it lately. As though he didn't have enough problems with his hind end being so weak. I feel horrible about trying those stupid shoes. He is walking slower than ever now.

Can a vet check for nerve damage? Treat it? I don't know what I should do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. What is the likelyhood that I've caused him some permanent damage?
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