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I buy Wellness at a pet store. One that does NOT sell puppies or kittens or other tiny beings. Fancy Feast I buy at the grocery store. I did read recently that one should not purchase cat food at a grocery store but it seems to me the occasional Fancy Feast won't kill her. (But FF is cheaper at WalMart and along with her dry stuff, it is sort of junkfood for her). I also find Wellness now and then at a health food store called Great Ocean on Quinpool Rd in Halifax. They also have some great chicken and rice kitty food ($1.99 for a tiny can tho) that she liked. (She is a diva - likes the good stuff, lol)

I also give her the occasional semi raw chicken heart. I decided raw presented a lttle too much danger of parisites and so I cook it just a bit before giving it to her. She loves them!

I do not feed any beef of any kind - too afraid of BSE - and I know the one in a million stat but I had a cousin (in Montreal) die of CJDvar, the new kind of CJD that is thought to be contracted from BSE tainted beef so I have not eaten any beef since -even tho I like the occasional steak, sigh! I also NEVER feed her any tuna cat food because of the danger from poisons and other toxins (mercury for ex) that have managed to get into tuna and obviously it affects a kitten's digestive system more profoundly than a human's. I do feed her the human version of tuna now and then. She is not that crazy about it. She does love lobster tho, lol

I think just time and your attention will help your cat overcome not having her feline playmates or her kittens. Mama cats usually manage to get over having their kittens out of the nest. YY's mom seemed to be glad to bid her adieu, - gave her a small kiss and it was byebye, lol

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