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I do have to say having an animal and being an university student isn't easy. But I don't think you should be denied an animal BECAUSE of it, it should be based on you individually, not based on what your doing statistically. I for instance have had my kitty since I was 8. and yes she is and always has been my responsibility since then. of course not finanically when I was 8 but once I turned 18 she was and is fully my financal responsiblility. I now also have a dog who is completely my responsiblity and has been since the start. I may be a student but i'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my furbabies are happy. a good example is i'm tight on cash this month because I got a flat tire and found out I had to replace all my rims (long story) well that means that this month I just eat bare minumum with no snacks so I can make sure my babies have everything they need. I don't want to sound like i'm underminding anyone but I don't think you should be told you won't take care of an animal because your a student, it's not always the case and from my experience I have never met anyone where it has been the case. All my friend that are students and have animals take very good care of them, yet my boss is getting rid of her puppy since she thinks that it takes up too much time (it was an impulse buy, she bought two BC pups, and two kittens at the same time, How stupid can you get?).

I think fostering is a great idea, if I could have more than two pets in the apartment I would do it. Keep log of how much the shelter spends on everything and when and see if you can affored it. After you've had the animal for a while look and see if you could imagine doing that all the time and be able to affored it and take the time. If the answer is yes without a doubt then maybe you could consider getting an animal of your own.
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