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Kayla, I personally think you're doing a great job for the animals! Without you, who knows what would have happened to those kittens?! Yes, its tough to find an adult cat a forever home when everyone wants a cuddly kitten. But it can be done. SPCA Jean-Talon uses petfinders, which seems to give many rescues great success. At the SPCA Jean-Talon, there's nothing wrong with the animals or the volunteers who are there. My cousin volunteered at the SPCA Jean-Talon for over a year walking dogs, when she moved here from BC. She thought it was great, she made many friends. I hope more people will follow in your direction Kayla by fostering. Dikney, if you don't feel comfortabe about fostering from the SPCA Jean-Talon. well, theirs MANY rescue groups in Montreal and SouthShore where you can foster from as well.

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