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Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
Kayla, you overlooked the fact that you had help getting the kittens a home (NOT from the SPCA) and also that if kittens and mother cat are not adopted they must go back to the SPCA.

The mother cat will be killed, and if the kittens contract rhino or any illness (very likely) they will also be killed.
It was very easy to find the kittens a home, I had ads posted four places for them and I even ended up getting offered a bribe for them (which I didn't take).

Momma is harder to adopt but this isn't the SPCA's fault by any means, most people want kittens and there is nothing they can do about that. It is not the fault of the SPCA that there are more animals than homes for them. It is not their fault someone dumped their pregnant cat with them. Also, the momma will be put in the adoption room if I send her back, I have the word of my foster contact who I trust. Besides, I don't think she will be going back, Lisa offered to take her if she doesn't find a home.

I know you're anti-SPCA but really, they do a lot of good and everyone I have worked with there has hearts of gold. I know it isn't run by the best of people, but the best of people do work and volunteer there, and I know for a fact they pull strings to help the animals they love.

And I don't know why you posted your message, are you trying to deter her from fostering or just fostering for the SPCA?
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