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I'm a university student and got a puppy a little while ago and although it has been fun, it definitely restricts what you can do. For instance, after university if you need work experience you need to take whatever you can get and not be picky. I don't know what your are studying but I'm doing biodiversity conservation and many student type jobs that pop up are out of town, a couple weeks here or there. I'm lucky because I have friends and family who are more than happy to look after my dog while I am gone, but this is just an example of things you need to consider. I love my puppy and wouldn't give her up for anything but if I did it again I would do it differently and not adopt a permanent pet until I was more settled.

I am fostering kittins for the SPCA now and it is sooo much fun! Think of it this way, it's like having permanent kittens around! And you don't need to worry about what to do with them later on, and when you are in a more permanent situation you can get a kitten of your own. Also, the SPCA pays for food and vet bills for students, so it can be done on a budget.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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