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When I left home to attend university, I had to leave my pets in the care of my grandparents and parents. (two cats hand reared by me as kittens) and my poodle. My poodle became so attached to my grandparents but he had the best of care and love and I got to see him as often as I could get home. I also talked to him on the phone - me cooing to my baby and him barking and whining - wish we had videocams then, lol

Finally, when I was almost on my feet as a med student/Resident - some yrs later - but living in Boston - the cats came to live with me. And my poodle came to visit so often that gram and the border crossing guys were almost family, lol

I personally do not think a young person starting univ has the best lifestyle to care properly for a pet. Now, someone who lives at home and has mega support is in a different situation. As is a "mature" student - often with children - who can care for a pet. But someone who does not normally reside in the community s/he attends school is putting a pet thru a lot of trauma and change. Ask Rescues about the many pets abandonned at the end of univ sessions.

I have a young student who wants a pet very badly but I convinced her to volunteer at the local SPCA - which she does when she has time (How much time does a pediatric Resident have who works 48 consecutive hours?!!). Now she is fostering a young feral family (mama and two kittens) - with the help of a new roomate, her fellow Residents and one Prof! She found an old baby stroller at Kermesse (a fund raising event for the Children's/Womens hospital which features a huge gararge sale) and she walks the entire family in it - they've become somewhat of a fixture in her neighbourhood.

So, my advice is to look into fostering/volunteering - especially socializing the kitties and kittens at a local Rescue (and that way you will also get to know the people and pets there). Good luck!
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