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Question cat with gas/loose bowel

My 1-year-old female cat has loose bowel quite often. Sometimes when I pick her up she will also pass gas. When she uses the litter box it smells awful and must be cleaned immediately. She will also “leak” onto the furniture at times. This condition comes and goes for no apparent reason. She had about 2 weeks without it and now it is happening again. She seems happy and is very active.

I have taken her to the vet and they can find nothing wrong. She does not have an infection , they did not find any parasites, they did leukemia test and she is clean. She seems light to me at 6.2 pounds but the vet said she is normal for a Siamese.

I have 3 other cats and a dog and all the other animals are fine.

I only feed her dry food (Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Adult Cat Food). I used to feed her Iams orange dry, but changed when I noticed the diarrhea. (Sometimes I do see her eating the dog's food)

I was thinking maybe she has irritable bowel or something and it can't really be cured. Maybe one of these supplements could help. I was looking into natural cures and found this site: I also came across Acidophilus Digestive Tract Conditioner - Dog/Puppy and Gas Be Gone by 21st Century for dogs and cats. Anyone familiar with any of these?

Anybody have any natural suggestions?
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