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Well while we were playing nicky noonar Cooper stayed with Sandi (LavenderRott on this forum.) He loved going to auntie Sandi's. Dutch & Daphne were boarded with my vet...which they hate but we know they are safe & well cared for. I have a petsitter I really like, but Dutch makes her nervous...Carol the petsitter did come by the house daily to take care of Krazy the cat.

I like Carol; but the first time she looked after D & D, we had only recently gotten Dutch. (He was an adult intact rescue with major attitude.) He gave her no problems, but she said she found him intimidating so rather than switch sitters we've boarded them a couple of times. I think I'm going to ask if she wants to spend a little time with him so she'll feel comfortable enough to care for them in the house next time; they'll be happier for sure. And he's become a much more relaxed & sociable boy in the last couple of years.

They were all ecstatic to see us back. The boarded dogs pracically dove into the car (Mom, get us outta here, now!) and Krazy followed us around for a day yowling & attaching himself to any part of us he could, he's a very affectionate & doglike cat! Not surprising, since he lives with all these big dogs...
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