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Originally Posted by vmac711
Has anyone ever heard of any side effects associated with soloxine? Kodi (10-yr old male altered golden retriever) is taking .6 mg twice a day, and has been for the last 8 months or so. His thyroid levels are now completely normal, but he has been doing some weird things (just posted something recently about his latest bout with the runs, which has been remedied). He seems to have a really dry mouth sometimes because he licks his chops -- almost as if he's having a hard time swallowing. He also will vomit every once in a while, where he'll go out, eat some grass then vomit the tiniest bit of a bile-like substance. Then he'll be fine. I do have a call into the vet, but was wondering if anyone out there has any experience giving soloxine to their dogs. He also seems to get hot a lot, and I say this because he has taken to lying down on our tiles every chance he can get (never used to do this -- his requisite spot used to be right in between the couch and the coffee table under our feet).

FYI, he just had a complete blood workup as well as xrays, and everything looks great. And his appetite is better than ever, and his weight has been steady (after losing about 5 pounds, probably due to the regulation of his thyroid levels). Thanks!
Never have seen this before with animal on soloxine, my guess would be this has nothing to do with the drug.
Maybe since he has become regulated you are seeing the true dog?
Dry mouth & constant licking are a sign of nausea. When did you have the last check done? Was it before the latest symptoms? Something else could be bugging him right now.
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