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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOU WELL WISHES. daisy thank you so much, what a great group you belong to, and it is nice to have a source where you can get clear info on the law here, i can never get a straight answer out of the council. and thank you for the ph number, it will help with questions we have, i explained ddb to the people on the other side and they think it may be an option if they cant sort something out with the owner.
a big thank you for being so helpful and givning me your time, i really appreciate it.
well as far as the dog goes with honey moons, well ive had charlie for 8 years and the man for 5 we have lived together for 5 years and he is charlies dog step dad, so he said that he didnt need our children on honeymoon, boo to him i say, we are getting married in a nature reserve which dogs cannot enter, so that is a bugger too, but we will get all dolled up and get photos of her with us before the ceremony. but she will be going to her nana and grandad dogs house for the honeymoon and she likes it there (my parents spoil her rotten), but still i will miss her and i will fret.
now heres hoping that in the next few days we can get some action on this whole shelly busines, even if myself and the neighbours on the other side take her walking wiht us, but i will let you know. a great big thankyou to you all, i know shelly appreciates the effort human are making to make her happier, she is a lovely little bugger and needs more love and kindness.
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