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Lasers, scapels, clippers, saws or an axe - it makes no difference HOW. This is a multiple amputation (however humanely it's done) that has NO benefit to the animal and is done ONLY for the convenience of people who cannot be bothered to train a cat. I've never had a cat who simply could never learn to use a scratch post, but some effort is required.

It is an unnecessary cruelty that *can* have serious consequences for the cat, in terms of deformed regrowth necessitating a second amputation, infection, avoidance of the litterbox, aggression and helplessness when dumped or let outside and declawed cats are dumped all the time.

If you have such valuable and beloved possessions that you are willing to multilate an animal to protect them, please don't get a cat.

I've never seen anyone advocate removing a dog's teeth to stop it chewing, (I( I wonder what a vet would think of such a request??)or amputating it's tail to stop it from breaking valuables and cannot understand why the same attitude does not prevail in the case of cats' claws.

I think many people really feel "declawing" is a manicure and many are horrified when they find out it's not. Education is the key here, as it is with so many other issues.

This argument could go on forever and has been discussed in depth on this board, so I am going to end this one.