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When a cat is declawed, it's not only the nail that's removed, as that can grow back (as yours would if it were pulled out). Rather, if you look at your finger, remove the last segment of your finger to ensure the nail NEVER grows back. That's what happens to a cat. Then, after your finger is chopped off, let's make you walk on your hands and bury your own feces. That's what a cat goes through.

So, IMO, declawing a cat is only for the comfort of man. It does nothing for the cat, other than leave it defenseless. When a cat is being attacked, it instinctivly lashes out with it's front claws. If it has no claws, all that is felt is a gentle "bap" of the paw and then the cat will be attacked as was intended.

Not to mention, climbing a tree becomes near to impossible, should the cat dash outside when the door is open.

All in all, it's a barbaric procedure that no vet should perform!

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