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Doggie Popsicles

I found this recipe for Doggie Popsicles (can't remember where) and thought that I would share it with everyone. It gets pretty hot here in the summer and so I tried these. If your dog likes ice cubes - they will love these!

1 package skinny rawhide sticks (the rolled kind)
Beef Boullion cubes
Small plastic juice cups (or if you have those nifty popsicle molds, use them instead)

Prepare the boullion according to directions. Allow to cool completely. Pour about 3 inches of liquid into juice cup (you can make them bigger or smaller depending on the size of the dog). Put in freezer - when the boullion gets really slushy, place the rawhide stick in the middle of the liquid. You want the liquid slushy enough to hold the rawhide in place. After completely frozen, pull the plastic cup off and viola! Puppy Popsicles!
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