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OMG... canis panther, makes chill run up my spine, it looks like a scary dog to me, and its name implies attack or similar (cant find right words here) panthers are fast, sleek and attack with precision, this just scares the hell out of me. i am terrified of meeting this type of dog in the street, it would just kill my dog. but it does look like a few pig hunting dogs i know. there are several tricks i know to kill an attacking dog (only for the dire situation) i havee never used it myself but know a woman who did when her life was in real danger, but these tricks cannot be used on the muscle breeds due to the thick chest muscles, a human or animal has no chance with this type of dog, how the hell would you get it off.
but i have a GSD who is soo loving and just adores kids (if we see any in the street she is desperate to play) and i trust her (to a reasonable extent, you get to know someone in 8 years pretty well) but i would not leave her alone with small children, they just harass her and make her hide and it is irrisponsible and illeagle to leave a dog unsupervised with a baby. when my nephew was a babe (so was my pup) he used to terrorise her, pulling her backwards by tail, fingers up the nose and in the eyes and the rest and she never cared, just loved the attention. and she still does, how many little girls have played dress up with her, she love it all.
when we walk along the street she has her ears up, people cross the road, none of the owners at the park want their little dogs near her cause apparently she looks like a killer or something. what really gets me is that anyone can see from a glance the control i have over my dog and how well trained she is, each morning i take her to the park (very big, huge actually) and throw the ball and she retrieves it and brigns it to me, and so on, this is her excersise. the amount of people that freak out when she looks at them when of lead, my god, she is only looking, she is not going towards them or anything just looking at who is around.
but they all have little dogs that act like they want to kill us and are totally untrained. ahhh it just makes me angry, and not to mention the insult of people thinking i am irrisponsible and would allow a vicious dog, but the reaction is different when my partner walks her, i swear (the following is in a very sarcastic tone) it is- he is a man so therefore must have a trained dog and be in control, but a small woman, well she wouldnt be able to do it, the reaction is soo diferent and it drives me crazy, i have more control than my partner but most people have more faith in him. the poor GSD has got a bad rep.

when i was a small child i was attacked by an aunts poodle and it tore a hole in my cheek, and it was a small dog. i dont like many small dogs for this reason, at least with the biggies i can see em coming.

recently saw an add for attack dog training, you post your dog to the trainers and they will return it a month later trained as an attack dog with a list of commands. just imagine what they dp to the animal to make them so vicious, it would take some pretty cruel training to get my girl to attack, that is for sure. this type of thing really scares me to death, guns are illeagle here but you can own a dog as a weapon, makes no sense ot me.

sorry for the length but i always have alot to say
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