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well yesterday i went and talked to the people that live on the other side of shelly, they said it is becoming a prob for them to, when they can hear it over the bloody cockatoo. to make a long story shortish, they are old friends with the owner and will try to talk to her soon, apparently when it gets bad, they actually sneak into the yard and take shelly to their yard for a while, so heres hoping... but the woman next door has had it so hard of late, she is now a widow as her husband recently commited suicide so yeah, i am a bit cautious about being foreward or anything, i feel so sorry for them. but that is not much of an excuse. so DDB, never heard of it, sounds terrific and like a great last option, thank you for letting me know, would the owner need to know it was me, or can i be anonomous??. and chico, no koala attacks yet, but hey a dingo might steal me or i might steal it (old joke, and dumb, instead of the lindy chamberlin cry of 'dingo stole me baby', it is now' baby stole me dingo') we dont actually have dingo in the wild where i live, there is actually only one population of dingo left that are pure the rest are all mixed. but i still might be taken down by a magpie (lovely bird, but defensive in breeding) yes austraila is the land of the weird and wonderful, it is due to our early seperation of gondwanaland and our isolation so our species are pretty much endemic and are not really found elsewhere (a few in papua new guniea), i love this country and couldnt imagine being anywhere else, my fav part is the desert, so amazing and beautiful. but the dog next door is in a yard so i cant imagine she will be taken by a tasmanian devil (bloody good swimmer if a devil got here from tassie), so i hope things will be better very soon, i will let you know how it turns out, and will definatly let the neighbours know of ddb as option if we do it i would like their backing and support. oh and havent been here for a week as i am getting married in 2 weeks so things are really busy here or crazy or something (i have become a little indecisive of late) and my partner said we cant take my dog on honeymoon i dont see why not, she would love it
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