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typing with one hand bere with me and spelling.

Odin seems to be fine. No, his stomach wasn't tighter than usual and he didn't seem like anything was bothering. I think it's the pumpkin.

He didn't poop on his first walk this morning.

funny thing I was thinking though, I said "go poopy" when we got home after training, so maybe he was just obeying me and trying again after he went before we left training. It's kind cute when you think about it, as he was SO good in training last night, listening and all.

He also ate his breakfast fine and was drinking water fine this morning. He just asked me to hold his paw while he licked it (and me..hence a single hand for typing).

According to my BF he didn't try and squat this morning at all. if he had and nothing came out, then I would be worried. Odin tends to get distracted easily with birds in the early morning, and doesn't poop usually until his second walk.
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