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The issue of declawing has only come up a few times. Once we have determined that the kitten is going to a good home, IF and only IF the person asks about declawing, we will discuss the matter and suggest scratch posts, training, etc. If they are adamant and I feel that they will perhaps go elsewhere for the declawing, I would rather they have it done at the same time as we arrange for the sterilization, through one of our vets who has an excellent pain management program and keeps the kitten for 3 days following surgery. We cover the sterilization and the adoptor deals directly with the vet for the declawing procedure. I would rather that this be done than a second surgery sometime down the road through a vet who may butcher the poor thing.

If I refuse to adopt to the person, I can be sure that they WILL find a cat elsewhere and have it declawed in whatever manner. Unfortunately with today's leather and microfiber sofas and chairs, a lot of people don't want their furniture ruined by a cat's claws.

In any case, it has only happened a couple of times and only with kittens who have yet to be sterilized, and I can report that the kitties are doing well and are happy in their new homes.

Perhaps we are a little more relaxed in our criteria because of the situation we are in (being housed in the Animal Control Centre). We are not dealing with only a few select cats at any given time, but usually 15-20 cats at a time, with more waiting at the door every day. We also do not have foster homes, so the need to get our kitties adopted out quickly is more urgent than if they were safely ensconsed in a household environment.

At the moment, we seem to have an overload of cats at the shelter and have asked for everyone's help in finding suitable homes. Just tonight, I have had to turn down 5 callers who have 'cute little kitties' in their yards that they have been feeding and now want to be picked up. On top of that, the Animal Control People picked up a few new strays that will stay at the pound for 3 days and then go to the SPCA.

If there are groups out there that really want to help, you can put your name in at the Animal Control Centre to take the strays that we can't take (due to lack of space) and foster them, socialize them, etc. We can't save them all. PM me and I will give you their number.

By the way, OSCAR was adopted today and the adoptor also took COTON on a trial basis. Thank you, Lucky, for posting our cats on your site.

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