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Bowel movements in dogs - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

OK. I need some opinions. Odin had some loose bowels yesterday, so I gave him some pumpkin treats (mashed pumpkin with a little cinnamon and mollases, dried in the oven...he won't eat plain pumpkin).

Today he pooped at 6 AM and again around 12 PM, and then again after training classes around 8:30 PM. His last one was very small and he squatted and walked around for a bit with nothing coming out after. then we get home from training just about nowish, and before bringing him upstairs, I took him out, and he squatted but I didn't see anything come out (then again it was in a dark as he decided to squat in an area with no streep lamp!!).

Keep in mind that on training day he usually doesn't get dinner, or gets a small dinner very early, except today he didn't eat all his breakfast right away, so since he finished it around 3 PM, and I didn't feed him extra.

So...when do I start worrying about a possible blockage? Now? Should I start worrying if he doesn't poop at his first walk? If he is farting, can we assume he is not blocked? Could the pumpkin caused him to be constipated? Maybe he had no poop because he didn't eat anything until his training class?

I'm just curious. He is drinking and peeing fine, and seems active, and isn't in pain with I touch or prod his belly.
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