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Originally Posted by goldengirl
I add it to the drinking water when I have a new foster come in, helps if the rescue or Valentin is stressed and does not affect them if not stressed.

Can also be administered directly into the mouth. For situations I know are going to stress Valentin, I put a few drops on his head and rub in beforehand. Works anywhere the blood vessels come close to the surface, Ear flaps are good too. It also comes in a cream form, which I find useful for delayed release.

So this comes in a drop not a pill is this right?If so what is the name of it, I'm guessing it's not really called Rescue Remedy. I wonder if this would help Jordie when he goes to groomers, poor little guy so scared when I leave him I feel so bad. I know my groomer is great I know she is very good to him, Jordie is just a bit of a Mommy's boy
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